yucatan« Yucatan is a communication and media relations agency working with industrial customers for more than 15 years. We organize many events dedicated to the press industry and EUREKA team has always met our expectations. The team has always shown an active involvement and a constant call for further study to be conducted on the topics the magazine deals with. EUREKA has a large readership among our customers and its technical dossiers are much valued. »

Caroline Prince-Albagnac
Media relation director at Yucatan, news agency dedicated to industry sector

spx« EUREKA has been able to find its place, develop and stimulate a constantly demanding professional field. The magazine is creative by its contents’ quality and the variety of the subjects raised. EUREKA Flash Info is part of our everyday work and each issue is expected by our team to discover and discuss its content. EUREKA is a very informative and dynamic magazine constantly evolving: prestige, innovation and performance above all else. »

Catherine Godelle
Communication and marketing officer at SPX Flow Technology,
Process industry supplier


Dominique NOCART

Chief Editor and Director of the publication.
Key man of EUREKA Flash Info, you might meet him in business conventions or during press-meetings
Mail : d.nocart@eurekaindustries.fr
Tel : +33 (0)6 20 62 77 11


Alain Lundahl

Executive director of the company, recognized international expert, legal expert and teacher in engineer schools, Alain Lundahl is the garant of the technical quality of the publication and writes articles meant to be pedagogical.


Claire Janis-Marzaguil and Sophie Berest are the two technical freelancers of EUREKA Flash Info, writing technical articles and producing reportages on specific events: conventions, exhibitions, official inaugurations etc.